My Story

I am certainly no stranger to the struggles of weight. 

After struggling in my teens as a very skinny person during my early 30s my father passed away and this was a huge catalyst that triggered depression.  With the depression my weight also increased and I finally bloated to a staggering 122 kilograms. 





Although I was “happy” with my body and had no body image problems I always maintained that should my health suffer I would “do something about it”

This eventually happened sooner rather than later and it was time to do something.






Through many trials and errors I have been able to shed lots of weight, drop my cholesterol and get into shape.  Whilst my journey is far from over I am constantly learning and embracing new concepts and techniques and it is my wish to share and assist others in also obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight.

One fundamental truth that I have learnt on this journey is that we are all different and there is no one “magic” programme for all.  But, with the necessary support and understanding you can also find the programme that works for you and ultimately assist you to live your Life Unlimited!