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I specialise in the following Life Coaching fields: Relationship with Self Coaching; Spiritual Coaching and Weight Management Coaching.

Training / Workshops / Retreats

Angel Retreats; Reiki I & II Training Retreats; Reiki Advanced and Masters Retreats.

What is Life Coaching?

An extraordinary focused method of personal development

There’s just you and I as your coach. During our sessions you get my full and undivided attention.

A supportive relationship of equals

The foundation of the coaching partnership is that it is one of equals. I do not talk down to you or impose my own views on you. I am an expert at coaching. You are an expert on yourself and your own life. In order for coaching to work properly this equality must be understood at the beginning and reinforced throughout the coaching relationship, which is my promise to you.

A relationship of accountability

Being equal also means that responsibility is also equally divided. My main responsibility is to bring out the best in you. For you, the main responsibility is to take charge of your own life and to do whatever has been agreed between you and me as your coach. You are held accountable for your own results. As your coach I am detached from your results in order to keep my own objectivity and professionalism.

A way of making changes

The initial impulse for hiring a coach is to make changes. These may not necessarily be external – they may be changes in attitude, in thinking, in assumptions. Life coaching, by definition, addresses the whole of life. Nothing is “of limits” unless you decide it should be so and even then a word of caution – if you put a barrier around certain subjects you will not get the full value from the coaching sessions or succeed in making the kind of changes you wants to make.

A body of knowledge relating to the development of human potential

“Coaching has now evolved into an integrated success technology. It’s more than a couple of principles and techniques. It’s a well-woven fabric of hundreds of specialised skills, principles, concepts, practices and nuggets of wisdom”. – Thomas J Leonard in his book ‘The Portable Coach’. Being passionate about the areas in which I specialise I am constantly researching and tapping into new developments in these fields to provide you with the necessary tools to embrace your own Life Unlimited!

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Life Unlimited

18 Punter's Way

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Tel: 063 775 0081

Email: enquiries@lifeunlimited.co.za

Email: coaching@lifeunlimited.co.za

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